Can Africa’s Digital Learning Space be Transformed? Digilearn; Providing Free Tech Courses and empowering Nigerian Teens in Tech

In the digital age, access to quality education and skill development is more crucial than ever, and Africa is no exception to this global trend. As the continent continues its journey towards technological advancement, the need to equip its youth with digital skills has become paramount. In this context, Digilearn, an initiative of Wegodigiteens, is spearheading a transformative movement to provide Tech Skills for African Teens.

We are doing this by making provisions for free e-learning materials and courses in tech for at least 50,000 African teenagers. This visionary platform aims to empower Nigerian teen entrepreneurs, support Nigerian teens in tech, and champion youth digital advocacy in Nigeria and beyond.

Africa boasts a burgeoning teenage population that is eager to harness the opportunities of the digital age. With innovation hubs emerging across the continent and a growing tech ecosystem, Africa’s teenagers are poised to become key players in the global digital landscape. However, the digital divide remains a significant challenge, hindering access to education and skills development for many.

Digilearn, a platform under the Wegodigiteens umbrella, is on a mission to bridge this digital divide. By offering free e-learning materials and courses, Digilearn aims to democratize access to education and empower African teenagers with the tech skills they need to kickstart their careers. This platform is not only about education; it’s a catalyst for socioeconomic development and empowerment.

Nigeria, often referred to as the “Giant of Africa,” is home to a vibrant and ambitious youth/teenager population. Among these young minds are countless aspiring teenage entrepreneurs who possess innovative ideas and untapped potential. However, many lack access to the necessary resources and knowledge to kickstart their tech careers. This is where Digilearn steps in, offering a lifeline to Nigerian teens, entrepreneurs, and young innovators. Digilearn aims to bridge the digital divide by providing specialized courses and materials that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of young Nigerian entrepreneurs. From business fundamentals to digital marketing, Digilearn offers a comprehensive toolkit for these future industry leaders.

The tech industry is a global powerhouse, and Nigeria has shown remarkable potential in this field. However, the lack of access to quality tech education has hindered the growth of Nigerian teens’ participation in the sector. Digilearn recognizes this gap and is actively working to bridge it.

Through its partnerships with tech experts and organizations, like Wearefamily Foundation, Ashoka Africa, etc, Digilearn brings cutting-edge tech courses and resources to Nigerian teenagers. The platform’s comprehensive library of free e-learning materials and a wide array of tech-focused courses, ranging from coding and programming to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, Graphic designing, and lots more, the platform empower young Nigerians to pursue tech careers and become the future leaders of the industry. By providing these resources, Digilearn equips young Nigerians with the skills and knowledge needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures. In doing so, it contributes to the growth of the nation’s economy and fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its youth. By supporting Nigerian teens in tech, Digilearn is paving the way for a generation of tech-savvy innovators who can compete on the global stage.

Teens’ digital advocacy in Nigeria has gained momentum in recent years, with young people advocating for increased access to digital resources and education. Digilearn aligns perfectly with this movement, serving as a beacon of hope for those who believe in the transformative power of technology.

The platform not only offers free courses but also actively engages with local communities, hosting workshops and events to promote digital literacy and awareness. By partnering with youth-led organizations and collaborating with schools and colleges, Digilearn amplifies the voices of Nigerian teens advocating for a brighter digital future.

Africa’s digital future is bright, thanks to edtech initiatives like Digilearn. By providing free e-learning materials and courses in tech to at least 50,000 African teenagers, this platform is not only improving digital skill learning and development but also nurturing a generation of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and digital advocates. As we support Nigerian teen entrepreneurs, provide resources for Nigerian teens in tech, and champion youth digital advocacy in Nigeria and beyond, we are contributing to a more equitable and prosperous Africa, where the youth can thrive in the digital age. Digilearn is not just a platform; it’s a visionary step towards Africa’s digital transformation. To sign up for Digilearn and enjoy our free courses go to and get started on your tech journey.

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This article was written by Divine Harrison

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