Nigerian Digital Learning Space: Victor Eyo’s Dream

A young Boys dream to transform Nigeria digital learning space

Who is Victor Eyo? A simple boy from the streets of Calabar, Nigeria with a dream to change the Nigerian edtech program but unlike everyone else that has dreamt the same dream, Victor is determined to make his dream a reality. Victor’s Journey has been unlike any others, a journey full of challenges and hurdles, from not Being able to afford tech learning gadgets, using a pen and paper in boot camps to write simple programming languages to today owning one of the fast growing Nigeria Youth Tech Hub. 

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Wegodigiteens Africa is one of the many Nigerian Edtech Programs in the Nigerian Digital Learning space, it is aimed at training the Nigerian Tech Leaders of Tomorrow; bring up Nigerian Tech Enthusiasts  inclusive of Underprivileged, marginalized, and teens with special needs. 

Victor’s vision is more than just Empowering Teens with Tech but creating one of the biggest Nigerian Tech Education Initiatives in the Nigerian Digital Learning space. Creating free Digital Literacy Programs for Nigerian Teens, online courses, Nigerian Edtech Solutions and a safe space for youngsters with special needs, tackling stigmatization, inequality, digital illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment, Victor’s dream is generally Empowering Nigerian Youth through Tech Education. He doesn’t know when to give up, or how to give up, he doesn’t know how to stop regardless of the challenge, or struggle. The founder of the Nigerian based Edtech Startup is bent on leaving the world a more techie place than how he met it.

Due to his love for tech, Victor was left to pursue his tech career alone, his choice made his parents pay deaf ears to what the future held for him since he decided to stray away from their own already pictured ending. He is naturally someone that loves to help out people in need, giving birth to the purpose of the program. From a one person startup to a team of sixteen people, it has been progressing all the way.

Wegodigiteens Africa has reached more than 10,000 underprivileged teens across Africa, he knows their struggle of not being able to fuel your passion due to lack of resources and decided to change it for the best interest of the Nigerian Edtech Ecosystem.

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Victor Eyo

This article was written by the founder of Wegodigiteens Africa. For more of his insights, follow him on LinkedIn Victor Eyo

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