Tech Education in Nigeria:The Minds behind Wegodigiteens “Every African Teenager a Tech skill”.

Meet Our Team

“The heart of any organization, especially those in the  Nigerian Tech landscape, is its community. It’s the driving force that fuels the engine of progress. Words alone cannot convey the significance of this community; its importance cannot be overstated.

Take, for instance, the vibrant community of Nigerian Teen Innovators known as Wegodigiteens. In this article, we shine a light on the brilliant minds behind their initiative, “Every African Teenager a Tech Skill.” We’ll delve into their trials, triumphs, moments of doubt, and moments of gratitude for their journey.

Running a tech organization in Nigeria is no walk in the park; they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, but in Nigeria, it feels more like a sprint!

Now, let’s introduce you to the remarkable individuals who tirelessly work day in and day out to empower Nigerian Teen Entrepreneurs and Tech Enthusiasts with essential Tech Skills:

1. Victor Eyo, known as Woke Vanquish, started Wegodigiteens at the tender age of 16 and years down the line, built one of the best that has ever happened to the African continent. shaping and growing this vision of his  into a leading force in Nigerian Edtech Programs.

Woke Vanquish is one of the best founders we’ve ever seen. He single-handedly made Wegodigiteens the Family it is today.

2. Oluwatoyin Joy Yerokun: Our Head of Information and Project,the heart and soul of the team, embodies enthusiasm, courage, and humility, her timely communication and relation of information has helped the team to be more productive in the goal of driving Tech Skills for Nigerian Teens.

3. Lawrence Godwin: Our community director, the eternal optimist with a great sense of humor,  His management of our communities and his public relation skills adds a unique touch to the Nigerian Digital Learning scene.

4. Divine Harrison: the Media Director turned Brand Ambassador, this young man has  showcased unparalleled passion for Nigerian Edtech Initiatives.This has been evident in the way he takes up issues of wegodigiteens with gusto

5. Comfort Alphonsus: Our Designer who started  from a workshop participant to Chief Graphic Designer, Comfort embodies the spirit of leadership and is a very vital resource helping to fulfill  our objective of Tech Education in Nigeria.

6. Edor Emmanuel: is a multi-talented product designer.He loves Anime, basketball, and Call of Duty and even while balancing all these he contributes massively  to Youth Tech in Nigeria.

7. Bradley Downer Jnr: the non-African member who can be mistaken for a Nigerian

 He is also a big player in the vision of Expanding Digital literacy and enhancing tech education in Nigeria

8. Climiradi Roberts: is rather  reserved but an extraordinary contributor making strides in transforming  the world to a better place through Digital Literacy.

9. Emmanuel Joshua:  a constant presence on the journey of Empowering Teens with Tech.His Involvement in the Wegodigiteens has been a very welcome development that has helped in so many ways.

10. Precious Uzaye:, the quiet introvert who is deeply committed to the cause of Digital Literacy Programs for Nigerian Teens.She takes the work lersinaally and is passionate about improving Tech Education in Nigeria

11. Victoria Adebisi:, a fashion startup owner who skillfully manages the  funds of our organization she makes multi tasking look easy and also takes active part in Tech Training for Nigerian Youths.

12. Abeedah Alabi: a young lady breaking barriers in Nigerian Tech Leadership while also running a Climate education initiative.She is One of the most intelligent, and inspiring ladies you’ll ever meet and we are very glad to have her on the team.

13. Emmanuel Asuquo Khaelan:is a writer/content Manager.Apart from being a very detailed and passionate person,He is one of the driving forces behind advancing  Tech Careers for Nigerian Youth and Tech Education in Nigeria

14. Rita Oyinkansola: a social media management Guru who adds finesse to whatever she does.She has single handedly handled our social media with such expertise and is a big player in our Nigerian Tech Education Initiatives.

15. Edem Ita Jnr: a design prodigy leaving his mark on Nigerian Tech Innovations.He is one of the most talented young designers we’ve seen so far and we are glad to have him on board

17. Angel Isioma:is  the youngest and most book-savvy team member, bringing smiles to all faces in the team.She also serves as a writer and a great team player  in advancing Tech Education in Nigeria

18. Laurelle-Jinelle Nformi: is passionate advocate for achieving the vision of Nigerian Youth Digital Inclusion.She is our writer and a good one at that.

19. Inemesit Charlie:is a big player in our team who teaches the art of patience, and delivers exceptionally.

This is the family revolutionizing the Nigerian tech scene, equipping every Nigerian Teen with essential Tech Skills, one community at a time. You can Join this digital revolution today by following us across all our social platforms at wegodigiteensafrica

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